One Application

Infinite Possibilities

DIGI is your financial platform, where you can easily control every financial aspect of your life.

Real-Time Net Worth

Monitor your assets and liabilities as they move in real time.

Compare fluctuations to your historical values.

Dynamic portfolio breakdown.

Available Income

Know how much you truly spend every month.

Follow your progress.

Adjust your income against expenses.

Financial Goals

Plan your life now to live it freely later.

Know how close from your dreams you are any time.

Acquire more assets.

Work With a Professional.

Book an Appointment

In-person or online consultations, when you can.

Financial Advisor

Get some of the best registered financial advisors.

Ongoing Support

Ask your questions directly to your dedicated assistant.

The Identity of the Future

Spend your time on what you enjoy, and let us take care of the rest.

What Our Users Say

The financial operational system.

The app helped me see how much I truly spend every month and start planning for my future.

Luke Kostov


Amazing app that helped me organize my finances and see my investments and true net-worth.

Ivan Hristov


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