About us

We want to see a world where money is not an issue.

We created DIGI to solve one of the biggest problems humans have. Money. Think about it. What was the last thing your were stressed about? Your rent? Job? Education? The latest phone? Why were you stressed? Because you didn't know if you would have a home next month, or that you will fail the exam and won't get the job you wanted to pay the bills and live the life you wanted? Seems unrelated, but most problems come from the lack of money or its poor management.

'When I was young, my parents argued about a lot for things that didn't make sense to me. Like why someone put the glass here and not there. With time, I understood it was accumulated stress from their financial problems and I always felt a burden to them. And they are good people, just didn't prepare when they could, because they didn't know how to or wasn't imminent then. And we see what a pandemic did, if you weren't prepared.

So my father had to work extra to support me and my brother, and he was always tired and spent little time with us. This tarnished my confidence as a grown-up for a long-time and caused many problems in my relationships. In response, I emotionally hurt the people around me, who hurt people around them, and that creates a ripple effect. And we want to erradicate this problem, so that people are ready financially.', Plamen Kostov, co-founder.

Our Utopia

Here at DIGI, we aim to create the perfect financial platform connecting our users with professionals that can assist them in every financial aspect of their life. Our goal is to simplify the life of our users and automate as much as we can about their financials, so they can indulge in what they truly feel passionate about.

By adhering to the highest quality and security standards, we make sure our users are protected, while at the same time receive the best experience using our products.

Our team members

Plamen Kostov

Co-Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur and Visionary with 2 years experience in financial services with 3 years background in sales and investors' relations.

Kristo Prifti

Co-Founder and CTO

Lead Senior Developer for multinational companies with over 8 years in mobile development and data providers.

Boryana Karagyozova

Marketing Specialist

Over 20 years in financial services and sales at multinational companies with background in marketing and middle manager training.

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